What’s a Good Night’s Sleep Worth to You?

So I’ve been known to take saving money a little bit too far sometimes.

Case in point: my double-bed duvet that’s been used on my queen-sized bed for the past ten-ish years.

Now to be fair, for the vast majority of that time, there was only one person in the bed! And a double-bed duvet is more than enough duvet for one person.

But two people?

One of whom has a tendency to roll over and take the blankets with them?

(Ahem. It’s not me.)

Let’s just say it’s not a recipe for happy, stress-free mornings.

There may or may not have been a recent morning where I woke up, coverless, at 4AM and couldn’t get back to sleep before a giant day at work. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like lying awake for two hours when you could have been having perfectly wonderful hours of sleep instead to make you realize that you need to buy a new damn duvet already.

So I took a look at my options. While a good night’s sleep isn’t priceless to me – I know, because I have a friend who just dropped $4000 on a mattress, and that’s Too Much For Sleep – it’s definitely valuable.

The options boiled down to a down duvet or a microfibre / synthetic duvet.

Down Duvet

Pros: Feels like you’re sleeping under a warm cloud of love.

Cons: Lots of expensive dead ducks.

To be entirely honest, my existing double-bed duvet is filled with duck down, and it’s lovely. Warm and fluffy and perfect for snuggling under. Even though it’s the most expensive option by far, with the entriest of entry-level king-sized duvets starting at around $200, at the end of the day I don’t think I can justify using animal by-products when there’s a synthetic option available.

Ducks are way better alive and quacking and blocking traffic in the winter (true story from my old apartment, it was classic.)

Microfibre or Synthetic

Pros: Warm and lightweight, nothing died, and reasonably priced.

Cons: Different textures based on the material – and nothing feels like dead duck.

Science has done some cool things, you guys, but I have to say I rate advances in warming technology pretty highly on my personal “Thanks, Science!” list.

I have a winter coat filled with Primaloft, a synthetic material, and it’s held up in the epic Ottawa winters. We’re talking -40 C here. I’ve put that jacket through its paces.

So yeah, synthetic options are high on my sleeping-option list. Plus, they’re way more cost-effective than down duvets! Everyone wins.

Especially the ducks.



With the ducks in mind, I started to research synthetic duvet options. As with most budget-minded home purchases, almost all roads led to Ikea. Taylor from The Freedom from Money had an awesome suggestion to check out TJ Maxx, but alas, I’m hours away from the U.S. border, so barring other options, to Ikea I went!

I dragged The Boyfriend with me for company, commentary and opinions, and we had a grand old time. We poked around the showroom opining on sinks (I prefer porcelain, he prefers stainless steel) and couches (I like a soft couch, he’s on Team Firm) and a whole host of other items. We eventually made it to the sleep section and spent an inordinate amount of time evaluating our three “mid-warmth” options.

Finally, we went with the king-sized RÖDTOPPA duvet, for a grand total of $99.00 plus tax. It’s a synthetic fill, so no dead ducks in sight, and it’s warm enough for me while not totally roasting The Boyfriend, who runs warm. (You know, one of my big takeaways here is that we’re not all that compatible when it comes to Ikea. You’d think this would be a bigger red flag than it is…)

While this feels steep – especially in a month where I’ll be lucky to surpass a 30% savings rate, thanks to that surprise traffic ticket, renewing my license plate and early Christmas gifts – when it comes down to it, it’s a small price to pay for being well rested.

Sleep isn’t something you should be cheap about, friends, and not replacing that duvet earlier? That was me being cheap.

Frugality is, as always, important and recommended! But when you value sleep as much as I do – I’m pretty much known for my insistence on an early, consistent bedtime – not spending to stay warm and fight-free at night is just silly.

Have you ever waited too long on an important purchase? I can’t be the only one to put “saving money” ahead of other, more important things by accident / stubbornness!