What You Should Read While I’m Away

As a lot of you know, I’m taking a few weeks off to celebrate my wedding this summer (here’s a post about how we budgeted for the wedding, and the best wedding budget tips I’ve found this year!). That starts today, and I’ll be back on August 20th with a new post!

But if you’re gearing up to do some hardcore financial improvements this summer, I didn’t want to leave you stranded, so I’ve got Options for ya.

If you want something to read or watch, here are my personal favourite go-tos.

Worry-Free Money. This book, by Shannon Lee Simmons, has gotten a few shout-outs from me here, in my emails, and on Instagram, but HOT DAMN YOU NEED THIS BOOK IN YOUR LIFE. It’s my favourite money book, and is hands-down my “if you could only read one book about money, make it this one” recommendation. It’s so fun to read, is based on telling fantastic stories about money, and is actionable beyond belief.

Mixed Up Money. My girl Alyssa is back with posts about the money side of being a new parent, and I have missed her! I’m loving her signature real-talk about being a new mom and all that comes with it.

Wealthsimple’s blog. Their Money Diaries are amazing—who could NOT love JVN doing literally anything? (His Instagram stories give me life.)

Bridget Casey. Bridget runs Money After Graduation, but lately I have been totally obsessed with her Youtube videos, where she branches out into a wide range of money-related but not-just-money topics.

Refinery29’s Money Diaries. I’ve always been here for transparent money conversations, but after that bananas profile earlier this month, I wrote a defence of why we need this kind of transparency for Flare. Check out the entire Money Diaries archives, and prepare yourself for a light binge read.

Fairer Cents. This podcast from Kara and Tanja is ever-y-thing. If you want real talk about money and gender, with two amazing humans who make it all v. fun to listen to, this is the podcast you need in your life.

The Luxe Strategist. Consistently some of the best-written and just best-period posts out there about money, and in a very “here’s how to afford the life you want” way—not the “how dare you spend money” way.

Bitches Get Riches. There is no list of my faves that is complete without these two beauties.

This is in no way an exhaustive list, because that would be a post of epic proportions! But if you notice something I’ve missed, almost-on-vacation me would love it if you dropped a link to them in the comments.

Yes, I am basically crowdsourcing my recommendations post at this point. I blame vacation brain and wedding logistics! If you want to stay in touch over the next few weeks, Instagram is going to be my main hangout, and I’ll be pretty quiet elsewhere.

Happy summer, everyone!