Talking About Hard Stuff Is a Key Part of Personal Finance (And Life)

Raise your hand if you want to talk about what happens if your house burns down.

No? Ok, then raise your hand if you want to talk about cancer.

Still no? Shocking.

You guys know that a big part of why I blog about money is because it needs to be talked about.

From challenging the “but everyone is doing it!” mentality around debt, to actually getting clear on how financial products work, talking about money is so important—and when money meets things going wrong, whether it’s your home or your health, the avoidance is even stronger.

That’s why I’m so excited to be partnering with Sonnet Insurance and Rethink Breast Cancer this year to give both topics—insurance and breast cancer—the attention and spotlight they deserve.

Sonnet and Rethink Breast Cancer are both on a mission to educate and protect Canadians. So many young people and families don’t start thinking about insurance or cancer risks until it’s too late, and both Sonnet and Rethink Breast Cancer have a common goal of engaging, educating, and protecting young people.

And that’s where Rethink’s signature event and fundraiser, Boobyball, comes in!

What is Boobyball?

Boobyball is an annual fundraiser put on by Rethink Breast Cancer, a Canadian charity that supports the unique needs of young women living with and concerned about breast cancer. It takes place every October (breast cancer awareness month!) and there are events happening this year in Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto.

Rethink prides themselves on throwing exciting, entertaining, unique events in support of young women with breast cancer, and this year will be no different: the theme is Wild West, and it promises to be an amazing time.

Which is awesome, because I’m going to be at the Ottawa event this year!

But first, a small note about the people who invited me, because I think they are fantastic.

Who is Sonnet Insurance?

If you’ve missed me raving about Sonnet over the past few years, they’re a fully-online Canadian company that is making home and auto insurance 10,000 times better (that stat is mine, not theirs, but I stand by it based on my personal experience).

They’ve made it easy—like, under 5 minutes easy—to get an online quote for home, condo, renter’s, tenant insurance or car insurance, and the entire process is jargon-free. And if you want to talk convenience, you can buy it online too. We’ve got our home and cars insured with them, and I love it so much I’m now that annoying coworker who can’t see a casual chat about insurance on Slack without popping up like “But have you heard of Sonnet Insurance???”.

Sonnet is all about making insurance less intimidating and more accessible because as much as we don’t want to plan for an accident or a fire, it’ll be so much more manageable if we do the planning upfront.

How can you get involved?

Come out to Boobyball this year to help raise awareness and funds to support Rethink Breast Cancer! Sonnet has hooked me up with three (!!!) pairs of tickets to give away for the Ottawa event, and I can’t wait to hang out with you in person on Friday, October 26th.

To enter the giveaway for the tickets, just pop over to Instagram and comment on my latest post. I’ll be drawing for the tickets tomorrow afternoon, to give you some time to get your Wild West best outfits planned before the big night on Friday, so head over ASAP!

Talk about the hard stuff

A lot of getting your financial life together, not to mention your life-life, is dealing with conversations that all things considered, you’d rather not have. But it’s critical that you have those conversations before things go wrong—because if they do, trying to figure out your plan when it happens is just extra stress that I promise you don’t need in that moment.