How to Save Money on Gas (With Your Existing Credit and Debit Cards)

I’ve mentioned this on Twitter once or twice, but if you missed it, The Fiancé and I bought a new car! So obviously I’m newly interested in how to save money on gas.

That’s because specifically, we bought a new-to-us Honda CR-V to replace his 13-year-old Acura RS-X—and if you, like me, are not a car person and have no idea what that combo of letters actually means in car terms, we went from a sporty two-door car to a bit more of a “family” vehicle.

As with most major purchases, this switch had an impact on our budget in a few ways, which we know because we track our spending in a joint spreadsheet (which everyone should totally do).

We adjusted a few of our budget categories to account for the fact that the new car (nickname TBD, and yes, Little Car is still very much in the picture at a spry 7 years old) is a bigger vehicle. We updated our insurance policy and its cost, we added an accelerated car payment into the budget, and yes, we updated our gas budget.

I mean, only slightly, we still don’t drive a huge amount, and it’s a very good car, but still. Going from a small car to a larger car doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Based on all that, of course I started to look for savings that could help offset the cost of a slightly bigger vehicle—and there’s one in particular I want to highlight, because it’s one any Canadian can take advantage of, thanks to RBC and Petro-Canada.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all perfect card for everyone, but with a tiny bit of work and this comprehensive guide, you can find the best (and most rewarding) credit card for you!

Find the best card for you

More value with your existing cards

On October 31st, RBC and Petro-Canada announced a new partnership to help Canadians save on gas and score additional points using the cards that are already in their wallet.

If you have a Petro-Points card, and a debit or credit card with RBC, here’s what this program can do for you:

This is something new

If you’ve ever had to clean out your wallet because you were just carrying around way too many rewards cards and loyalty programs, you’re going to love this. For the first time, this is a new program that works with your existing cards, so you don’t have to add anything to your wallet—but you’re still saving more, and earning more points.

Plus, you can use this program with any RBC card. If you’ve only got a debit card, or you only have an RBC credit card, it doesn’t matter. You can link any RBC card to take advantage of the savings and the extra points—which means you’re free to choose the card that best suits your life (or your business, because it works with business cards too).

*raises hand* This makes it even more tempting for The Fiancé and me to jump on the RBC Visa Infinite Avion card. I’m just saying.

Bonus: avoid ATM fees, too

As part of this partnership, more than 500 RBC-branded ATMs will be placed in Petro-Canada locations over the next six months. You’ll be able to skip ATM fees by using your RBC card to withdraw cash at RBC ATMs at the gas station, which is just one more way this partnership can help you save money.

And hey, those savings add up. Why not level up your existing cards by linking them and making them work harder for you?

How do I get started?

So, sold already? Me too. Here’s how to start saving more at the pump with the cards that are already in your wallet.

  • Go to
  • Enter your online banking credentials.
  • Enter your Petro-Points card number.
  • Link your cards.

After two business days, you’ll be all set to receive instant fuel savings and bonus points. I know, it sounds too easy, but that’s really all there is to it.

This post is sponsored by RBC and Petro-Canada. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.