Zero to Investing Hero

This free, five-day email investing course is for anyone who kind of knows that in theory, yes, they should be investing, but has no idea how to get started, or how to make sense of all the options out there.
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Over the next five days, you’ll learn…

  • Why investing is so important – even if you can only contribute $20 a month.
  • How to make sure you’re not losing money when the markets go down – even when they do go down. (Markets be crazy.)
  • The one guaranteed way to lose money, and how to avoid it.
  • All about your options for investing – including how much each one of them costs, and how much time each one of them takes.

A personal finance blog for millennials who want to do money guilt-free.

Who am I to teach investing?

Hi, I’m Desirae—and I’m a regular person who took way too long to start investing.

Even though I knew some of the basics that I teach in the course (like why you really, really need to care about investing fees, and what “diversify your investments” even means) I had no idea how to actually get started.

I went to the bank, and they told me I didn’t have enough money to invest, and I was like “Cool, good talk.”

Except I did have enough money to invest.

I just didn’t know it at the time, and I didn’t know what my options are.

Zero to Investing Hero was designed with the information I wish I had before I went into that bank meeting, so that I could be confident when I was taking my first baby steps into investing. So if that’s you, I’m so glad you’re here.

“Your investing course has been so helpful! You’ve made it a lot less intimidating for me (and, for a numbers illiterate arts student, that’s saying something).”
– Valerie

“You actually make it so easy (and fun) to understand all of the investing mumbo jumbo.”
– Meha

“This has been massively helpful- I have a meeting with my financial advisor tomorrow and I look forward to talking her ear off with all of the new info I’ve learned.”
– Laura

Why did I put this together – and why is it free?

Because friends, we should all be investing.

Not all in the same way, and not all using the same tools, but no one ever got rich saving money in an account earning 0.8% interest. Let’s demystify this whole thing and get you on the path to that sweet, sweet compound interest that will let us all retire in 30 years.